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CPAN::SQLite::Index(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioCPAN::SQLite::Index(3)

       CPAN::SQLite::Index - set up or update database tables.

        my $index = CPAN::SQLite::Index->new(setup => 1);

       This is the main module used to set up or update the database tables used to store information from the CPAN
       and ppm indices. The creation of the object

        my $index = CPAN::SQLite::Index->new(%args);

       accepts two possible arguments:

       * setup => 1
          This (optional) argument specifies that the database is being set up.  Any existing tables will be dropped.

       * reindex => value
          This (optional) argument specifies distribution names that one would like to reindex in an existing
          database. These may be specified as either a scalar, for a single distribution, or as an array reference for
          a list of distributions.



       will start the indexing procedure. Various messages detailing the progress will written to STDOUT, which by
       default will be captured into a file cpan_sqlite_log.dddddddddd, where the extension is the "time" that the
       method was invoked. Error messages are not captured, and will appear in STDERR.

       The steps of the indexing procedure are as follows.

       * fetch index data
          The necessary CPAN index files $CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz, $CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz, and
          $CPAN/modules/ will be fetched from the CPAN mirror specified by the $cpan variable at the
          beginning of CPAN::SQLite::Index. If you are using this option, it is recommended to use the same CPAN mir-
          ror with subsequent updates, to ensure consistency of the database. As well, the information on the loca-
          tions of the CPAN mirrors used for Template-Toolkit and GeoIP is written.

       * get index information
          Information from the CPAN indices is extracted through CPAN::SQLite::Info.

       * get state information
          Unless the "setup" argument within the "new" method of CPAN::SQLite::Index is specified, this will get
          information on the state of the database through CPAN::SQLite::State.  A comparision is then made between
          this information and that gathered from the CPAN indices, and if there's a discrepency in some items, those
          items are marked for either insertion, updating, or deletion, as appropriate.

       * populate the database
          At this stage the gathered information is used to populate the database, through CPAN::SQLite::Populate,
          either inserting new items, updating existing ones, or deleting obsolete items.

       CPAN::SQLite::Info, CPAN::SQLite::State, CPAN::SQLite::Populate, and CPAN::SQLite::Util.  Development takes
       place on the CPAN-SQLite project at <>;.

       This software is copyright 2006 by Randy Kobes <>. Use and redistribution are under the
       same terms as Perl itself.

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