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CGI::Ex              (3pm)  - CGI utility suite - makes powerful application writing fun and easy
CGI::Ex::App         (3pm)  - Anti-framework application framework
CGI::Ex::App::Constants (3pm)  - Easier access to magic App values
CGI::Ex::Auth        (3pm)  - Handle logins nicely
CGI::Ex::Conf        (3pm)  - Conf Reader/Writer for many different data format types
CGI::Ex::Die         (3pm)  - A CGI::Carp::FatalsToBrowser type utility
CGI::Ex::Dump        (3pm)  - A debug utility
CGI::Ex::Fill        (3pm)  - Fast but compliant regex based form filler
CGI::Ex::JSONDump    (3pm)  - Comprehensive data to JSON dump
CGI::Ex::Template    (3pm)  - Template::Alloy based TT2/TT3/HT/HTE/Tmpl/Velocity engine
CGI::Ex::Validate    (3pm)  - The Just Right form validator with javascript in parallel