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8.2 Weave: Translate WEB to TeX

Weave creates a TeX document from a WEB source file (*note WEB::),
assuming various macros defined in `webmac.tex'.   It takes care of
typographic details such as page layout, indentation, and italicizing
identifiers.  It also automatically gathers and outputs extensive
cross-reference information.  Synopsis:

     weave [OPTION]... WEBFILE[.web] [CHANGEFILE[.ch]]

The output is to the basename of WEBFILE extended with `.tex'; for
example, `weave /wherever/foo.web' creates `./foo.tex'.  Weave applies
CHANGEFILE to WEBFILE before writing the output; by default, there is
no change file.

   The program accepts the following option, as well as the standard
`-verbose', `-help' and `-version' (*note Common options::):
     Omit the cross-reference information: the index, the list of WEB
     module names, and the table of contents (an empty `CONTENTS.tex'
     file will still be written when the Weave output file is processed
     by TeX using the default `webmac.tex', though).

   Conventionally, WEB programmers should define the TeX `\title' macro
at the beginning of the source file.  Also, to get output of only
changed modules, one can say `\let\maybe=\iffalse' (usually as the
first change in the change file).