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6.7 Newer: Compare file modification times

Newer compares file modification times.  Synopsis:

     newer SRC1 [ SRC2 ... SRCN ] TARGET

Newer exits successfully if the files SRC1 ... SRCN exist and at least
one of them is not older than DEPENDENT, i.e., the modification time
(mtime) of at least one of the source files is greater than or the same
as that of DEPENDENT.  Newer also exits successfully if the file
DEPENDENT doesn't exist.  *Note Attribute Meanings: (libc)Attribute

   The program accepts the following option, as well as the standard
`--help' and `--version' (*note Common options::):
     Return result only, do not print any output.

     List missing source files to STDERR.  This is the default.

   This is used by MakeMPX (*note makempx invocation::).