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6.6 MPto: Extract labels from MetaPost input

MPto extracts the labels from a MetaPost input file; this is the
contents of any `btex...etex' and `verbatimtex...etex' sections.  This
program is generally invoked by MakeMPX (*note makempx invocation::).

     mpto [OPTION]... MPFILE

The input comes from MPFILE; no path searching is done.  The output
goes to standard output.  Leading and trailing spaces and tabs are
removed, and various predefined typesetter commands are included at the
beginning of and end of the file and of each section.

   The program accepts the following options, as well as the standard
`-help' and `-version' (*note Common options::):
     Surround the MetaPost sections with Troff commands.

     Surround the MetaPost sections with TeX commands. This is the