Dragonskin Child Themes

Latest News: As of November, 2010, these child themes are no longer necessary.  Instead, Dragonskin version 2.1 and later supports selecting a preset color from the WordPress admin area.

The Dragonskin Theme now also had child themes to give your site the skin of a different colored dragon. The child themes should be included in the download for the theme, and are simply used to modify the color scheme. You select them just as any other theme.

Note: The WordPress repository did not support child themes when I uploaded version 1.5.  Therefore, they will not be included in that package.  Please download them from this page below (added).  My intention for the next version is to include all of them in one package with an switching tool on the admin menu to select the one to use.

Dragonskin Gold

Dragonskin Gold Screenshot
Dragonskin Gold

Download Dragonskin Gold 1.5

Dragonskin Green

Dragonskin Green Screenshot
Dragonskin Green

Download Dragonskin Green 1.5

10 thoughts on “Dragonskin Child Themes

  1. Yes, I’m sorry… I need to update this page. The dragonskin package is supposed to contain the child themes. But after I uploaded it to the wordpress site, the child themes were stripped out. I contacted them, but they said they don’t support child themes at this time in the database. Right now the easiest way to get them is to just download my latest version here:


  2. Could you do this theme in a blue dragonskin with a bright gold writing? We would love to use it!

  3. @michele

    I know it was a few months ago since you asked about color changes, but I have been working on it. Dragonskin 2.0 contains a way to make color changes without downloading child themes. It is only a first step–you will have to do make some very simple CSS changes by hand. However, the next step will be to add an admin interface to select pres-made CSS files. After that, I will probably look into selecting colors directly through the admin panel.

    Dragonskin 2.0 was submitted to the WordPress theme site but hasn’t been accepted yet,

  4. This is beautiful. Please let me know when 2.0 is available – I’m very interested!

    Great work.

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